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Please browse through our answers to MPiR Tuition’s frequently asked questions. If you can’t find the answer to your specific questions, please feel free to Contact Us for further information.

Each lesson runs for 80 minutes to allow sufficient time for students to thoroughly understand and consolidate the concepts covered in class.

All students enrolled in our Primary and Secondary Course are required to sit a free initial assessment. The results from the initial assessment will allow our VIT registered teachers to allocate students into an appropriate class based on their strengths and weaknesses. This is important as it ensures that all students learn within their zone of proximal development.

As it is essential for our tutors to spend individualised time with each student, class sizes are limited to 8 students. Restricting classes to a manageable size will not only allow students to concentrate and engage in class discussions but also enables them to receive personalised feedback on a weekly basis.

MPiR Tuition courses are designed to expose students to concepts that are yet to be taught at school. As a result, students may encounter difficulties at the beginning of their journey at MPiR Tuition. However, as students adapt to our program, they should find the coursework engaging rather than difficult. Consequently, students should experience less challenges at school as they have already been exposed to the concepts ahead of their peers.

At MPiR Tuition, parents will be continuously updated on their child’s progression through weekly homework tasks, tests and end of semester report cards. Our tutors are also encouraged to directly communicate with parents on a monthly basis regarding their child’s progression to immediately address any concerns.

MPiR Tuition courses are run on a weekly timetable starting from Saturday through to Friday.
Students may only swap into another class free of charge with the following conditions:
– The class swap occurs within the same week
– The class that the student is swapping into is NOT at maximum capacity (8 students)

Example 1:
Sally is unable to attend her Year 5 Saturday lesson in Week 7 of Term 2 and would like to swap into another Year 5 lesson. In this case, Sally would be able to swap into another Year 5 lesson that is running within the same week (Week 7) with the condition that the class has not reached maximum capacity.

Example 2:
Harry is unable to attend his Year 5 Friday lesson in Week 7 of Term 2 and would like to swap into another Year 5 lesson. Since Harry’s weekly lesson is at the end of Week 7, Harry would only be able to swap into another Year 5 lesson that ran EARLIER in the week with the condition that the class has not reached maximum capacity.

We provide a $25 discount off Pay-per-Term bookings for EACH child that is enrolled within the same family at MPiR Tuition.

Peter wants to enrol three of his children to MPiR Tuition. As each child is entitled to a $25 discount off their Pay-per-Term booking, Peter will receive a $75 discount for the term.

We provide a $50 discount voucher for you and EACH friend that you refer to MPiR Tuition.

Grace referred two of her friends to MPiR Tuition.
Grace (the referrer) receives two $50 discount vouchers which can be applied to her next Pay-per-term payment.
Grace’s two friends (the referees) EACH receive a $50 discount voucher which can be applied to their Pay-per-term payment.

Disclaimer: The $50 discount voucher can ONLY be used for Pay-per-term payments

All Pay-per-term payments can be cancelled with a two week written notice. We will provide a credit for the value of the remaining unattended lessons.

You can enrol your child at MPiR Tuition by filling out the booking form below, or personally visiting our centre during trading hours. Additionally, you may call or email us for further information.


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